Hit only registers on second "backswing" collision


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I'm not sure why this is but the sword hit is only recorded on the "back swing" or on the second collision between the sword and the opponents collider. It's easier to notice when there's sound but you can still see the collider being hit, then hit again on the backswing and you see the damage indicator flare up from that second hit.

Any ideas?

In this case the green goblin is using a Behavior Tree and has a Third Person Controller. The enemy collider he is hitting has neither...


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Collisions are only detected while the use item is active. If you use the animation event then you should ensure it is triggered before the enemy is hit. If you use the delay timer, make also sure it starts early enough.


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The "wait for animation event" option is under "Use Event" and I already had that unchecked with a 0s wait. However, I found another setting under "Melee" which is called "Can Hit Delay" and that was set to 0.2s, I changed that to 0 and now it works :)

So you were right, it was a timing issue, just a different one. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!