Weapon Attachments Configuration for UFPS/FPC


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I've spent the last few weeks designing and implementing a custom weapons configuration system, that allows you to define what attachments are available to what Shootable Weapon Items, whether or not that they can be Enabled/Disabled during the game running (i.e. Flash Lights, Laser Sights, Bi-pods, Combination Sights, etc.)

It also allows you to define Weapon Rails, what attachments can be assigned to available positions on weapons rails (i.e. Top, Left, Right, Bottom). Not all Rails have all Rail Positions Available.

So far, I've got working definitions for the following types of Weapon Attachments:

Fire Modes
  • Safe (Optional)
  • Semi-Auto
  • 2 Round Burst
  • 3 Round Burst
  • Full Auto

Barrel Attachments:
  • Compensators
  • Flash Hiders
  • Muzzle Brakes
  • Suppressors

Receiver Attachments (Magazines/Clips/Belts):
  • Standard Ammo Capacity
  • Extended Ammo Capacity
  • Limited Ammo Capacity

Hand Guard Rail (Rifles Only)
  • Top Position
    • Backup Sight Attachments
    • Weapon IR Sight
  • Left Position
  • Right Position
    • Weapon Flash Light
    • Weapon Laser Sight
  • Bottom Position
    • Weapon Bi-pod

Upper Receiver Rail (Rifle Upper Receiver/Pistol Slides)
  • Top Position
    • Weapon Sight Attachments
      • Non-Magnified Sights
        • Holographic Sights
        • Red Dot Sights
      • Magnified Sights/Scopes
        • 1.5x
        • 2x
        • 3x
        • 4x
        • 6x
        • 7x
      • Combination Sights
        • Magnified Holographic
        • Magnified Red Dot
        • Dual Magnification Scopes (3x/6x)
  • Left Position (Available)
  • Right Position (Available)
    • Combination Scope/Backup Sight (Angled Rail)

Lower Receiver Rail (Pistols Only)
  • Bottom Position Only
    • Weapon Flash Light
    • Weapon Laser Sight

So far, I've created 5 new Item Abilities

  • ToggleBipod
  • ToggleCombinationSight
  • ToggleFireMode
  • ToggleFlashLight
  • ToggleLaserSight
I'll try to post some pictures.

All of this is custom code, and I'll try to post some screenshots, soon!


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I'm actually pretty close to demonstration videos. The one item I'm trying to figure out the best way to implemnt is Shootable Weapons with another Shootable Weapon as an attachment, such as a Grenade Launcher or ShotGun Attachment (i.e. MasterKey).

Justin, have you ever been approacheched or givent this any thought about the best way to implement?


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So, I'm a little bvehind in getting hte demo videos, as I'm still working on the Weapon Attachment Controls. So far, I have all of the logic for the following:

All Magazine Types
All Barrel Attachment Types
All Laser Sight Attachments

I'm working on Scopes and Sights this week.

So far, I've developed all of the Lens System for all Magnification Types, and have started work on the Hybrid 2X sights for toggling the magnifier on and off.



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Sorry for the late updates, but I ran into a development issue, and had to rollback 2-3 weeks of work. I have made better progress on the placement and configuration scripts of the atachments themselves. I am still working on a solution to the secondary shootable attachments, such as an under barrel grenade launcher as well as an under barrel shotgun (Master Key).

I'll try to get some more screenshot posted soon, and maybe even some video.


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I'm a little behind as I've had a massive sinus infection. I'm starting to work more on it as of today, and hope to hav4e more updates in the next week or so.


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I'm actively still working on this. I starting re-writing the components as the first few iterations seem ed way too over-engineered. I'm almost back to where I was in the Demo Images. I'm planning on posting more images and descriptions in the next couple of days. So far, no code has been broken due to UFPS updates, as I'm referencing interfaces only, so this should ease up custom development, if and when this gets released.

Justin is really good to adhering to, and not breaking the UFPS interfaces!!!


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As of right now, I'm not even ready for Alpha testing, and I don't want to puclish it on the Asset Store, until I have the framework stable and responsive, as UFPS. I'm nailing down the interfaces, as we speak, and once those are ironed out, I'll start to look at finally publishing it. I've also decided to go with a price of $15.00 to keep it in line with UFPS AddOns.


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So, I'm just finished up re-writing the code base, in order to keep it modularr, and limit the dependencies from one attachment to another. I'm creating some place holder attachment assets, that can be used for example purposes, due to license requirements on the asset store. I'm hoping to have the first rough version in the next couple of weeks, along with additional videos, screenshots, etc. I'm alos working on some utilities for helping setup[ an existing UFPS First Person Player to be able to usitlize the Attachment System.


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I've finalized the code base, and am now writing some menu items/utilities to help with setting up and creating new attachments. I'm hoping to have the first iteration on the asset store within the next 30 days, and it will first be in alpha, then beta, and so on. I've settled on $15, and includes all updates going forward. It will only currently support UFPSv2 and the First Person Controller, as I haven't been able to work with the Third Person Controller, due to cost and available funds. :-(

Things are progressing nicely, and thanks to the UFPS v2 framework, and its responsiveness, the Weapon Attachments Systems has had very little to no impact on FPS!!!

I still have to update my site with documentation, and its appearance. Still lots to be done!!!