Version 2.1.2 Release

Great Work, I've downloaded the Agility Pack Demo (Windows and web) and Hang Ability fails sometimes in both releases. First time you hang it works great but second time you try (more or less, its random) it gets stack and it makes the animations but it doesn't move right and left. Also sometimes it gets in an infinite loop doing the animations but not moving (when you reach the limit of the hang and need to "hang jump" to the next one.
Rest of the abilities seem to work fine.
My download from the Opsive website for 2.1.2 constantly gets interrupted. This was an issue in past versions too, but I have tried at least 10 times since yesterday, getting interrupts somewhere between 30mb to 250mb. I am located in AZ, so I do not think it would be a location issue? Anyone else experiencing this?


Staff member
Are you still having issues with the download? I can put in a support ticket with our host if so, and get in contact with you for any details that they ask.
Thank you for the follow up. I was able to get it to download during my last attempt but I had many attempts over the course of two days, so it does not look very normal. Is there anyone else having the same issue or is it just me?