UCC Integration demo scene needs fixes again


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Hello, I initially opened the BD-UCC integration scene to take a quick look at the enemy agent's tree, but ended up having to make yet one more series of fixes and list of bugs. Here's a video as usual :

In summary :

-The camera still hasn't been fixed, a jitter is especially visible when moving forward and putting the camera on the player's right side. I still don't know what is causing this, but I'm certain that deleting the current camera and recreating a simple third person adventure one will do the trick.

-When right next to the player, the enemy agent will keep moving towards him but won't shoot until there's some space between himself and his target. The tree however indicates that he shouldn't be moving as he already is in attack range, but the nav mesh ability is still active.

-The assault rifle pickup cannot be picked up by either the player nor the enemy, because neither of them have the Pickup ability set up. As I say in the video, this implies that the scene wasn't given proper testing as this would have been spotted otherwise.

-About the Pickup ability, it is worth mentioning that the object detection layer mask does not contain the Visual Effect layer by default, which is the one used by UCC's pickup prefabs, and a good choice for this type of object anyway.

-The enemy reloading seems instantaneous when picking up ammo, there should be a small branch dedicated to reloading.

-The clip from the player's assault rifle floats in the air while reloading. It's a small thing, but it contributes to making your demo look unserious.

-The enemy falls through the floor when dying, as his ragdoll objects are on the Enemy layer. I once again recommend using the Character layer for the root and main collider objects, and Sub Character for the rest.

-That's a subject for another time as it can be spotted elsewhere, but I noticed that the ragdolls were very weird, slow and a bit jittery here.

This is no small list if you don't mind me saying so, so please clean this scene up, I shouldn't have been doing all this in the first place ! Thanks in advance.