UCC and UIS for online multiplayer game


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Hello, I've recently started a small online multiplayer project which is meant to use UCC, UIS and PUN, and I feel the need to ask this :

-Has a combination of UCC and UIS been tested for online multiplayer using PUN ? Is it expected to work out of the box ?

-Can and should the Item Identifier Tracker be removed ? Its Item Collection field can't contain any UIS files, so I was wondering if that could be any source of issues.

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Sorry if these questions seem a bit simple, but I don't have any time left for testing today and really wish to make all of this clear. In any case I'll take another look at UCC, UIS and PUN tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
The Ultimate Inventory System has not been updated for networking so unfortunately it will take coding in order to get the systems working together.
Then sorry but I won't use UIS for this project. I just checked and UIS's asset store page does not mention multiplayer so we can't really complain about that, but still, I think it's a real shame and I do hope an integration or add-on for online multiplayer will be released some day. I've been playing a lot of Baldur's Gate 3 recently with friends, and being able to replicate this kind of inventory easily would be a great selling point.
Currently there are no plans to integrate UIS with photon. I'm afraid you will need to code that yourself specifically for your needs