Swim only works with Swimming Demo Animator Controller


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This may be an easy fix I am just not sure how to do it. I have set up the Demo Atlas with Climb, Agility and Swim add Ons. When I had just Agility and Climb added, the Animator Controller (In the Animator Component of Atlas) Was set to Demo and it worked fine for both add ons. But when I added swimming, the swimming animations would not play once in the water essentially freezing the character once it hit the water. I double checked the set up and everything was correct. Just for giggles I switched the controller to "Swimming Demo" went back in and the swimming worked perfectly. Everything worked as it should. Unfortunately that kills all the climb and agility abilities. I see where you had made a controller that combined agility and climbing. I do not use that one as the regular Demo controller handles climb and agility just fine. But is there a way to combine all three? Can I make one controller that handles all three add ons? Or is there a way to switch controllers when it hits the water?

I do not know how to make an animator controller but any advice on how to make one that would handle all three or how to combine them somehow would be greatly appreciated. I have all the add ons so I am trying to put them all into one character. If I get this one figured out I am on to adding the seating and helicopter ones next.

I see there is a Climbing Animator Monitor Preset added to the animator monitor. Can we make one of those for the swimming animator controller? Unsure if that would work just popping off ideas?
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FIXED. I feel kind of silly but I figured this out. When setting up the add ons pack I needed to specify the "demo" animator controller, not swim demo, to add the swimming effects to it.