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Stopped working after UCC update


New member

I upgraded my third person controller from 2.3.6 to 2.4.5 today and my ability packs (climb and agility) have now stopped working. Instead weird things happen like the player getting stuck when I press "F" at a free climb wall and I cant move at all (not on the wall nor on the ground). Or falling through the floor when trying to balance. Unity version: 2021.2.3f. I don't get any console errors. The climb demo scene works fine.

Is there an upgrade guide for the packs that I have missed? Or do you have any ideas of what I've done wrong here?

All the best!


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Are the layers still set correctly for your abilities to trigger? I suspect that some of them are set to detect multiple layers and this is causing the problem.

Just a hunch, but I’ve had similar behaviour and this was always the cause for me.


New member
I added the abilities again and now it works. I'm not sure what went wrong, 100% something I did. Thanks for the suggestion though!