I know that there is a longer threat about this topic. Without saving the actual running BT it is for a real time strategy game a show stopper. I made a large BT with more than 200 tasks. Every character (10+) in the game will use a BT. Can you please make a documentation how to make a savegame. An example for a simple BT would be great. The next steps I will do it on my own.

I never thought about it that this is a big problem without a solution. I invested so many hours to make my BT running and now I cannot save it.


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I think the thread that you found is the best resource. At the moment saving/loading at runtime is a planned feature but I haven't been able to add it yet. There is a good amount of interest in this so I will try to get it out in 2022 if Unity still hasn't updated their DOTS roadmap (for version 2 of Behavior Designer).



Hey Justin, sounds very good. Then I will invest my time in other parts of my game and wait for you.
As someone who has been dealing with this for quite some time, I would recommend that you try to make saving work yourself. When Justin implements the saving system (and the main issue is that this might take a while), like one other member here said, it is very unlikely that it will cover all of your needs. In my case, I needed to always know what the currently running node is, to save it's internal data and load it at runtime and finally to save and load all the shared variables in the tree. I do hope that Justin manages to find a good solution that's easier to implement for most tasks and trees, but at the end of the day, loading and saving completely depends on your game. I use the Easy Save 3 asset to make the serialization and saving process easier and then do everything else manually and with some small caviats, it does seem to work.