Repeating a task that has previously succeed ?


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Hey everyone !

There is something I don't get with Behavior trees, I watched the tutorial videos and yet I reach a situation where I find it non logicial.

Let's say a very basic behavior tree like this :


When the seek task arrive to the player, it succeed and then move on to the next sequence, it checks if the can see Object returns success or not, but if not, the tree is just standing there like it should be I guess, since the seek task returned success already.

Is there any way to say something like 'if the can See Object' returns false, then we are going back to our previous sequence tasks and redo the seek task again ?

Sorry if this is a noob question,



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Instead of structuring Can See Object to the right of Seek, you should flip it around so Can See Object is to the left and use a Lower Priority conditional abort. Take a look at this video: