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Purple Eye

Purple Eye is a story driven action adventure game made by one person on Unity, drawing inspiration from Resident Evil and Telltale's The Walking Dead.
It was initially meant to be the last part of a trilogy, after two games named White Maze and Black and Gray - which I'll present another day - but it will tell its own story, and won't need the other two games to be understood.

Technical Details

Purple Eye uses Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline, and is compatible with DirectX 12 and DLSS, and maybe with Ray Tracing in the future.
Character models are made with Character Creator 4.
The two main assets used are Ultimate Character Controller and Adventure Creator.



Purple-eyed and red-haired, carefree and amnesiac, Ethel Montgomery has got to be the least discrete spy in the world. Yet her unique supernatural vision powers made her the agent of choice for the Federal Bureau of Time, which assigned her its most crucial and perilous mission : unmasking the mole inside her team about to sell her entire timeline to an alternate Japanese Empire even more tyrannical than the one we have known.

Selling points

-Modernized tank controls ! Don't know what that is ? It's the control scheme used by old survival horror games like Resident Evil, which do not take into account the camera's orientation but rather the player character's own. It still takes some time to get used to it if you haven't played that kind of game, but once you do you'll be able to enjoy a combination of old-school exploration and cinematographic action sequences !
-Explore a variety of environments through time and space, from today's Texan cities to the battle of Sekigahara or Kowloon Walled city.
-An unabashedly political and pro free speech story - from religion to abortion and war crimes, no subject is controversial enough to break Ethel's cool !
-Long Tarantino-like dialogues with a few Telltale-like moral dilemmas.
-A dense, linear and carefully paced adventure that respects your personal time, planned to be 10 hours long top, with no needless fillers.

Here is the game's biggest set piece so far, it is definitely strange and unpolished but still showcases many of the game's core elements :

It is 16 minutes long and can be played at 1.5 speed, the dialogues are too long and a bit lifeless. Also it's NSFW, YouTube put an age restriction, the beginning contains partial nudity !


Here is the current download link from One Drive : https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApXgOyPTRjcohah1icbYMefQ5KSsJA?e=crVM4L

The archive is 4GB heavy, and the uncompressed folder weighs 11GB.
The game currently cannot be released in early access on Steam, so I'm sharing it this way for the moment. Here is the Steam page if you want to take a look at it nonetheless : https://store.steampowered.com/app/2203930/Purple_Eye/

Here is my Ko-Fi page if you wish to support my work on this project and on UCC : https://ko-fi.com/cheopioupiou

If you want to see more, you can also join the discord dedicated to the project with this link : https://discord.gg/b3gENZ9x9e
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Currently working on a tutorial scene similar to the original Splinter Cell's, which will start by introducing traversal and stealth mechanics. Here are examples of an aerial takedowns, all landing possibilities, and a combination of ledge strafe and hanging (which in reality is not fully working yet).

The next big challenge will be the creation of a stealth takedown !
Forgot to post this, here's a recreation of one my favourite stealth mechanics, the hanging takedown ! It doesn't look as awesome as in Uncharted, especially due to the lack of an actual animation for the player and a ragdoll for the enemy, but it works !

Progress has been slow recently, but I'm getting back on track and will try to regularly share some footage !

Here's a WIP made in a single day of a "puzzle" and aim challenge mechanic created by the combination of tank controls and split screen ! I'm using Adaptive Split Screen effect btw.

It's not presentable for an actual game yet but I hope the concept is already perfectly clear in this demo !

Here's a slightly modified version of the model manager in action ! It can allow model, costume and material switching at any time. In a next video I'll show how it can be used by Adventure Creator and Salsa in order to have the new model be used for dialogues. It's still a bit imperfect, there's an ik issue at 1:55 I should fix later, but still I'm quite satisfied with this system ! I'm using Clothing Culler for culling both skin and clothes underneath other clothes, the full naked switch is unironically evidence of its good working ! Speaking of which, this is only an option, and the game will feature some nudity during the storyline, but it is not the focus of the game - although I confess I hope it will help gaining some attention ?

I haven't been very uh professional with this project and showed too little of it, but tomorrow I'm finally going to submit an application for publishing it on Steam ! More info on that next week !! ?
Oh and allow me to ping you @Justin , just wanted you to see what your work on the model manager was for !
Good and bad news : Steam just denied my application, but it’s only because of some graphic resources (capsules for the store and library), and not because of the listing of violent, sexual and controversial content as I initially feared ! So I’m going to fix this today and resend my application, hoping it won’t take too long to be accepted.
Alright the application has been resent with a few modifications. In the meantime allow me to ask your thoughts on this art cover concept :


The two japanese characters are "Murasaki no" and the big square one with the four horizontal lines is "Me", literally meaning purple eye.
I've got mixed feelings on the middle part myself : we've got a close up of the main character's injured face with bisexual lighting, but I feel like this image rendered in Character Creator 4 contrasts too strangely with the rest of the picture (though the cover and the whole game are meant to be strange !). Is it just me or do you think this is an ok concept ?
Soooo... I'm afraid this project has been delayed yet again, it won't be officially published on Steam this month :cry:
I lost a lot of time for a variety of reasons, and really need to catch up. I think I'll share a small unofficial demo in about a week, so more people can get a glimpse of it.

In the meantime I don't have much to show, except for a few acrobatic animations from the Ultimate traversal animation pack :

The animation layers unexpectedly but logically caused the character to perform handless motions ! The backflip isn't realistic if you take a closer look at it but I'll leave it as it is just for the sake of silliness !
Recently I've been working on adding hanging animations from the same pack, I'll have to share a video once it works perfectly.

Once again, that's not very professional work of me, I'll really try to work faster and add an actual presentation. Thanks for your patience !
Alright, enough waiting : FIRST DEMO OUT TODAY ! Here is the link to my discord : https://discord.gg/XqyPXsV9
I will post the download link at around 18h UTC here and on the discord. It will only contain the title screen and motel level you can see on my first post. It is still very unpolished and weird, controls and UI are definitely imperfect, but it remains playable and I hope you will find it interesting nonetheless !
Here is the download link : https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApXgOyPTRjcogq4CKoJTnrFrSKlV7g?e=al8Ktc

A few precisions :
-It's quite heavy (8go) for a build containing a title screen and a single level, this must be mainly due to high quality models and textures
-I'm a bit ashamed to share it in its current unpolished state, many fixes are obviously needed, but on the other hand you may see it as what we call in French a "nanar", basically a game so bad it's good !
-You'll need a good computer to run it - I have a RTX 3080 laptop and an i7-10870H and my fps ranges from 60 to 80 on with post processing set to low. DLSS seems to be missing from the build, FXAA is activated by default. Post processing is set to low by default despite what the dropdown indicates (yet one more thing I'll have to fix !)

New video of a tutorial level, the environment needs more work for sure, and diffusion profiles were missing when I made the recording.

An updated demo should be released on Sunday, here's the current discord link if you're interested : https://discord.gg/jScXkJp5

I started remaking the split screen sniper sequence into an actual level 2 days ago, I personally like where this is going ! Once all the enemies, cameras and buildings are placed I'll try adding a crowd with UMA and diversifying the environment a bit.

I also updated the initial post to give an actual presentation of the game.
We're in April now and the game still hasn't been officially released, believe me I'm the first to be sorry about that, I really need to speed up work now to try and publish an acceptable build on Steam for the end of this month or the beginning of May. In the meantime, the split screen sniper level will be shared in a single build next week for those who will want to give it a try !

Here is a first trailer - a very simple one, I don't have a lot of thrilling stuff to show at the moment and am not experienced in trailer making.

I can also show the Credits screen :

Capture d’écran (1266).png

Capture d’écran (1268).png

Capture d’écran (1270).png

With of course UCC and USC mentioned at the top and a shout out to @Justin and @FastSkillTeam !

A new submission has FINALLY been sent to Steam this afternoon, with hopefully a correct page, trailer and build. If it is accepted I'll have a two weeks window to make some more additions. Wish me luck !
Here's a first WIP of the Jungle level, a tutorial level on stealth and takedowns obviously inspired by Snake Eater and using the Jungle - Tropical Vegetation pack :

It's still very rudimentary, and the froggers section looks weird, but I hope you see the potential of this level !

I had to reapply for the submission several times because of a few errors in the build (now fixed) and issues about the early access and mature content forms, honestly I find Steamworks very frustrating and too slow on that front because of the way they go back and forth between the store page and build evaluations. Still, let's hope it will finally be accepted at the beginning of the coming week, so that I'll be able to maintain August 3rd as the release date !
Forgot to post an update here : I've had several issues with Steamworks, mostly because of the mature content form - I sent a new build for submission yesterday, which showcases specific mature content in order to tick several checkboxes in the form. However, I had to draw the line at rape and sexual content related to children because of Steam's stronger rules on these 2 matters, so the current edition of Purple Eye will not depict any of those 2 things (although it was my initial intent). In any case, let's hope the build is finally going to be accepted, so that the game can be released on the 30th !

In the meantime, lemme show you some more UCC related stuff : today I've been working on a combination of Height Change and Ledge Strafe mainly inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2.

It's not fully done yet, the idle animation is currently always facing the right side, and there are some issues related to the two abilities that I'll soon post about on the forum. Still, glad I got this done, with some fixes and more camera work I know I can get a very similar result to MGS !
Had to sent yet again another build with more mature content, here's some work on the grenades and push kick to keep you waiting !

I've requested in this post the addition of trajectory curve display for bounces, as it would allow for some trick shot puzzles !

This new type of melee attack deals minimum damage but applies force in the player's forward direction. I'll have to work on the impact knock ability to add a hit animation for the enemy, as well as adding a scream sound effect when a character is falling to his death - the one from the hanging takedown is called manually in action list.
Surprise, here is a new download link for a build with 3 levels ! https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApXgOyPTRjcohah1icbYMefQ5KSsJA?e=crVM4L

Steamworks' evaluation of mature content has been a pain in the ***, and the game can't currently be released in early access. Instead I have to do this more manual sharing, I'll give Dropbox and Gitlab another try soon.

The archive is 4 GB heavy, and the uncompressed folder is 11 GB. The game is still in an unpolished state and far from finished, but I sincerely thank anyone who'll nonetheless take the time to download it and give it a try.

I also created a Ko-Fi page if you want to support my work on this project and UCC : https://ko-fi.com/cheopioupiou
Once again, many thanks to anyone who'll donate !