Pun + Puppetmaster


New member
Has anyone had any luck gettin the Pun multiplayer addon working alongside the PuppetMaster integration? I have yet to try it from a fresh install but in a development version I have been able to get pretty far. The main issue currently is that puppet master seems to impact how some abilities reset their AbilityInt in the Animator Monitor. Specifically, it is never reset back to 0 even though the logging looks accurately. This causes abilities like Fall, Vault, etc never to exit. Changing the puppet mode to Kinematic shifts this right back to working correctly but the Puppet isn't running at that point.

Hoping I can get pointed in the right direction on where I can dig further. I did need to create a new spawner to help initialize this character as the Puppetmaster works best by making the Character a child of an empty gameobject that contains the puppet as well.

Thanks in advance.