PUN addon errors


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Hi, today I tried to setup my project to run with PUN.
I followed all the tutorials in the videos section, but when I join the game I get two errors.
Alsomy camera isn't attached to the player.
I'll post the errors below.


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I solved the problem, by re creating the PUN character.
But now even if setup again the scene, it gives me some error about object identifier...
Any tips?


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The errors that I'm getting are referring to the object identifiers assigned to the player bones when I setup the scene.
As soon as I start the game, with 2 players, it says "There is already another object with identifier : number of object".
So I think that it is happening becauseI spawn the same character for two different players.
Am I right?


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To start with there was recently an update to all of the controller assets so I would grab that. From there you can update the Object IDs from the PUN integration manager. This should ensure there aren't any duplicates.