Multiplayer Setup errors.


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I just set up a PUN scene that's an empty cube as a platform and that's it. Ran the Scene Setup for the Multiplayer wizard and it added the PunGame object with the "required" components per the tutorial video and documentation. Created a temporary scene for loading the level through PUN and it loads into the Pun scene. But I am getting null exception errors for KinematicObjectManager and StateManager. Which were not added from the Scene Setup wizard. I can add them but I feel as though adding them manually would defeat the purpose of the wizard.

I added the missing components just to see what would happen. Now I'm getting a different error, one that I was getting previously as well. It's saying that the m_LookSource is null. And the camera does not switch to the NolanPUN camera it just goes to the scene camera and that m_LookSource null error repeats every frame on GetDeltaYawRotation.
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You'll want to first run the single player setup wizards. Take a look at PUN Scene Setup from this set of videos:

So I went and did that. And everything seems to be functioning for the most part. I still get an error in the editor about the GetDeltaYaw issue for one frame then it stops. Thank you for the reply!


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Progress :)

The GetDeltaYaw exception is likely caused by the camera not being assigned to the character during the first frame. NetworkCharacterLocomotionHandler.Start will assign the character to the camera (if it can be found) and assuming the character is assigned this should prevent the error.