Item type manager UI bug


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1. Character controller variant (Ultimate Character Controller, First Person Controller, etc).
TPC v2.2.7

2. Unity version (include which SRP, beta Unity versions aren't supported)
Unity v2020.1.13f1

3. Bug description
first-time opsive asset user - third person melee controller - following the video tuts - having a UI problem where the category & capacity fields are not visible

I added 2 screenshots so you can see it happening on some of the standard items and the ones I create following the video.
Clicking the copy icon works, clicking the x item does nothing

4. Steps to reproduce
Each time I follow the youtube Item Type Creation I get the same result for the myItemCollection items I want to add.


  • opsive-item-manager-UI-error.PNG
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  • opsive-item-manager-UI-error-2.PNG
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This unfortunately is on the Unity UI side of things and I don't have control over the layout. This was introduced when Unity switched to visual elements and they are slowly working on fixing the issues. If you can go ahead and report this to them that'd be great so they can take a closer look at it.


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Thanks for the swift reply.
Is there a workaround - maybe through the Inspector options?


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If you change the Unity Inspector to be in debug mode and then click on the item type it should show you the raw values.