Inability to limit Climbable Objects


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Can an object have two layers or two Object Identifiers? Technically an object should not have 2 layers... but I found an issue with the Free Climb package of the Climbing pack.
Allowing the player to climb allows it to climb on any surface. There is an option to limit them by their layers, like SolidObjects, but then it will be allowed to climb on any solid object. OR, I will have to change the layers of present objects to a new 'ClimbableLayer' layer. But that will remove the SolidObject properties of all those objects I change the layer on.
Another option is to set the Object identifier in the Climbing Abilities options, but there is only 1 input for that.
Which is questionable. Why would they limit it to only one identifier? This way, only one object will be climbable. How do I add more?
You cannot have two layers on a single object, but in this case you can use the object identifier. For any object that you want to be climbable you can use the same singular identifier. If that object should have multiple purposes then you can add multiple object identifier components to that object.