Confusion with Dialogue System for Unity Integration


I am trying to adapt some of the behavior from the DSU integration Demo, but I am confused about something.

So, the demo uses a variable named "shoot" with Variable['shoot'] == false Lua command to change the state of the NPC and trigger the sequence branch that executes the rocket and zooming tasks, and this happens with the Lua command in the dialogue Variable['friendly'] = false. However, I cannot find the variable "shoot" either in the NPC's BD variables, or the variables under the dialogue database. Where is that variable initiated? Or, is it simply created just by plugging it into the Run Lua task?

I have tried the same on my scene but even if I change the variable to a different value it always accepts it to be true. I do have the DS Callback component on the NPC character, so I am a little confused on how the demo works.

I noticed the BD-DSU demo uses (') sign next to variables instead of (") used in other DSU Lua variables. Does that make a difference in terms of the Lua command?

I have also tried to add a variable "Friendly" to the DSU variables now but that did not work either.

Thank you.


Staff member
You're best bet is probably to ask Tony. I'm not super familiar with the Lua side of things.