Breath Attribute only showing when under water


I can't for the life of me figure out how on the demo the breath attribute only shows when under water?
I don't see any settings or any states doing this.
Thanks man.
apparently i was wrong. The demo doesnt hide and show the breath UI.

I think enabledisablebreathModifier is just for making it start to reduce breathe. has nothing to do with the UI.
The Attribute Manager and Attribute Monitor work together and when the ability is started or stopped it will be shown or hidden. See Ability.AbilityStopped() and Ability.AbilityStarted(). You can however take total control of when it is displayed also. By doing what is done in them voids within your own basically. If you own Ultimate Seating Controller there is an example in the VehicleWeaponShooter script of how to take control over it.