Body Item not causing damage.


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I've imported the Behavior Designer (BD), BD Movement, Ultimate Character Controller (UCC), Deathmatch, and all of their integrations. I can set up scenes that use Atlas and Aydan prefabs for the Player (Character Layer) and AIs (Enemy Layer). I can get the them to fight just find. Everything works great.

I'm trying to add a werewolf to the scene (Baruk the Werewolf from the Asset Store). I build the character. I copied the Demo Animator and replaced the animations with the ones for the werewolf. I using only the Body Item in the Inventory and Deathmatch Agent. The animations play, but the werewolf doesn't cause damage. If I use the Demo Animator, it works (the animations are strange due to the model being a werewolf) and the Body Item cause damage.

Question is: What in the Animator could be causing the Body Item not to cause damage? (On a side note, why is the spherical collider for the Body Item 1 meter in diameter?).
It sounds like you are missing a use event. This tells the controller that the damage can occur.