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    Is there a way to force it to Idle?

    Thank you, that's works.
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    Is there a way to force it to Idle?

    There are many situations where you want to stop the progress. During the tutorial, Returning after an event, Before boss battle. I want to put the player in a idle state and disabled input after interacting with an event object. So I tried your code, but if I interact while running, the...
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    Is there a way to force it to Idle?

    Hello, Is there a function to force a character into a idle animation and turn off all input? If set CharacterLocomotion.ManualMove to true, character will not move, but the animation and input will continue.
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    I didn't know that references to game objects originally in a scene could be matched by the first key generated, even if the scene switches back to the original. It's amazing. However, I believe that references to dynamically generated game objects in a scene will continue to pile up unless they...
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    The memory allocation is done in the process. I don't remember if the original GetComponent does memory allocation or not, but seeing the new keyword is something that console developers need to be aware of. Also, the static field in GameObjectExtension doesn't look like it's being freed...
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    Hello, Is the "GetCachedComponent" series useful even if the processing is not done every frame? Also, is there any data that shows the performance benefits of the process even if it is done every frame?
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    VolumetricCone.shader for URP

    Is it exists? It doesnt seem to be in the additional package on downloads page.
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    source code in DLL

    Hello, Can I see the source code in DLL such as ObjectPoolBase?
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    Animator's state transition timing

    Hello, I'm a newbie to this asset. I've added a sliding action, but when I start it while shooting, it goes to "BaseLayer/Movement/Combat Movement" and then to the sliding animator state I created. I want to slide quickly, but is there something I'm missing in the settings? If I call...