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    FPS with URP - stuck on step 7 in URP setup link

    it's in assets/opsive/ultimatecharactercontroller/materials
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    Picking up any item causes the Player to move off terrain

    (Reverted to working snapshot, so now just curious about this) I have UCC and UIS. This had been functioning correctly including picking up runtime items, inventory display, etc. However, I was having poor performance and disabled all scripts on the Player, and re-enabled them one by one, and...
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    FPS arms not showing on new Model

    Thanks. That looks like exactly what I was missing. I'll give it a shot.
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    FPS arms not showing on new Model

    I'm trying to follow the videos to create an FPS character for UCC using a Mixamo Brian model (as Humanoid). It seems to work except the FP arms get disabled when I hit play and don't show. I used FPS Mesh tool to create: 1) an FBX with just the body & legs (no arms, no head) and 2) an FBX...
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    Does RemoveAllItems() require a bool in v2.25?

    I'm using Opsive First Person Controller V2.25 and I'm trying to use Pixel Crushers Save System with it. When I install Save System, I get an error because they call RemoveAllItems with a bool. When I look at the source code for InventoryBase.cs, it does not require a bool. PixelCrushers says...
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    URP Set up

    I think you need to add one more step to modify "FirstPersonScope" material and switch it from Overlay to OverlayURP. Otherwise the scope on weapons shows as Pink error material.
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    OnValidate for Behavior Designer Inspector

    I'd like to be able to validate user entries in the BD Inspector, similar to OnValidate for the Unity Inspector. Is there a way to validate entries in the BD Inspector?
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    AgentNolan gets too close to player during melee in FirstPersonMeleeScene

    Thanks for your reply! These are the main active tasks during the problem: 1) Attack and 2) The second seek, "Move to a close enough distance in order to attack" (That section starts with an Invertor on CanSeeObject), and 3) Patrol. I tried various combinations of enabling/disabling them...
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    AgentNolan gets too close to player during melee in FirstPersonMeleeScene

    In the FirstPersonMeleeScene, everything is working as expected. However, once AgentNolan is in a Melee attack, he gets right next to the character. I'd like to keep a little more space between Nolan and AgentNolan during the melee fight. In the Behavior tree there are variables for...
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    UCC and Unity 2020.1

    This warning still appears in 2020.1.2f1 (as in the Jun 26 post above). I tried changing the m_ObjectHideFlags property from 3 to 1 and the warning still displays.
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    Best way to update behavior when another NPC spots the enemy, and how to create a custom score for Utility Selector?

    1) I will have a number of bad bots wandering and looking for good bots (ideally all bad bots running the same Behavior). When they see the enemy I want them to notify all bad bots and have them act on the information. Rough plan attached. When a bot discovers something interesting it will...
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    FPS with URP - stuck on step 7 in URP setup link

    I just purchased FPS and I'm running the demo scene with FPS in First Person mode using URP. I used the steps in the URP setup link and everything works and looks great except that I see each weapon with a nearby clone in Pink. I assume this is because I wasn't able to figure out step 7: "On...