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So we are happy to share that we have a Steam store page, this has always been our main goal for YAARRGH!
And from here we are giving free access for testing to our Community.
Click on the link below, Add us to your wish list and click on the follow button, for all the latest news.

Battle Island Steam Store Page
Inspired by a video on scriptable objects, I spent over 40 hours straight developing a loot system designed for roguelikes using this character controller. Completely drag and drop with editable values and no scripting required. Showcase video in the works :)
Adic Boom
Nice work, dude. Can'T wait for the showcase video! What video on scriptable objects gave you exactly the inspiration? I am asking because I want to dive into scriptable objects as well. This video could be a could start / motivate me.
Curious about this as well :)
Add another person that is curious about this. :unsure:
Deving first game ever - Red Planet - "While attempting to make Mars habitable, a group of astronauts discover an alien race destined to destroy Earth."
I would love a video about UCC, UIS, and BD being used for a top down RPG using click to move. Boy, that'd be awesome :D
I'm working on a game using Ultimate Third Person Shooter, Behavior Designer and soon Ultimate Inventory System.