Why are some animator conditions not displayed?

I am attempting to edit the Animator and learn exactly how it works. I have a question about why some are not displayed.
I am currently looking at the Arms layer>Assault Rifle.
I think I understand why "Crouch Idle" has no setting as the "Height" Condition when coming into the layer would be Less than ".5"
Why is it no condition for "Fire" or "Dry Fire"?
I looked in the "Additive Layer" and see that "Attack Idle" Blend also has no conditions but the "Fire" Blend Does and has a Substate Index of 2.

Why do some layers not have conditions and how does the controller know what animation to play for Fire or Dry Fire?
When I attempt to rebuild those animation layers and leave the conditions blank, the controller gets confused.
I hope my question is not confusing...


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Hi @CatttDaddy - In the demo animator there are conditions for those transitions. Did you duplicate the animator? Sometimes when duplicating the transitions get removed by Unity automatically so I would double check it against the original animator.

For instance on the Arms layer for the Assault Rifle the Crouch Idle has four conditions, Slot0ItemID=1, Aiming=False, Slot0ItemStateIndex less than 2, Height greater than .5 (Crouch is always 1, non-crouch is 0).

Let me know if that helps!
I originally did duplicate the animator but the original has the same problem. I can't see the conditions. Thanks for the information about the crouch Idle. I
After loading an old project in Unity 2019.1 I can see all the animator's conditions. I wonder why I can in 2020...


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Oh that is strange, maybe it is a Unity bug. We will definitely look into it so thanks for pointing that out! Glad you can see the conditions now though to copy over.