v1.3.3 released.


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No major changes, but a package has been added for UCCv3. Please take into account that the package for UCCv3 is in super early stages, will no doubt have bugs to find (one already is an error when killing the player at the same time as or provoked from a Collision event), and no multiplayer is available, also some editor functionality may not match the package for UCCv2. This does however allow me to now make the necessary changes to the Helicopter System for UCCv3 to allow the complete package to be released on asset store (since UCCv2 is depreciated).

Any bugs found in either of the packages will be tended to asap, and the more contact I have with my customers, the more I can know about what needs work and what does not. Please do let me know of any issues found.

The Helicopter System will include both packages as does the base asset, one for UCCv2 and one for UCCv3 once released on asset store.
Currently only the Helicopter System for UCCv2 is available from my website.