Utility AI and Evaluator task

I'm studying utility AI sample scene. I've placed three cubes to the scene and my idea is to make the character seek the cube which is most desired. Let's say that each of the cubes could be randomly set on fire and the character has to go and extinguish the fire. The eat-work-sleep cycle would go on after the fire is extinguished.


I did some reading about utility AI and The Eat-Work-Sleep cycle is driven by curves and time, right? But how do I use Evaluator parameters to instantly increase the utility value when a cube is randomly set on fire? I guess I at least need to create another task "Extinguish"?


Staff member
Yes, you will need to create another task to manage the utility value. The utility value is mostly driven by script so you'll want to create a custom task that returns a new GetUtility value.