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Hi @GreedyVox

Absolutely. There is no restriction on how you display your inventories. You just need to reference an inventory component (drag and drop the inventory component in the inspector) in the Inventory Grid UI component which can be set in any canvas.

To display things exactly like you wish may require some custom code but nothing complicated. We can guide you in the forums if you end up having issues.

If you wanted you could even display your items in the chests as 3D/2D game objects. That would require a fair bit more of custom code but it may suit your use case better.

I hope that answers your concerns

Thank you Kindly,
That is so awesome, I had about an hour spare to myself, just be looking into previous post, your Inventory System is amazing, has more other features that go beyond a normal Inventory System, and now your telling me I can make my on render for the System, however I like, that is like icing on a cake!

This asset will becoming available soon? Selling on the opsive website or unity store?


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@GreedyVox I am glad you like what you saw so far.

We will be pre-releasing the asset on the Opsive website next week. We will be announcing the exact date very soon.

The Unity store release will come later (I'm guessing June/July but don't quote me), once we get a lot of feedback from the early adopters and make the asset more stable. That period is the best moment to ask for features as the asset is early in its life cycle and changes won't affect too many people negatively.


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Hi @Christopher25

A demo is included in the asset. It shows examples of the inventory menu, the shop, using items, etc... The demo showcases pretty much all the features of our system.

We will publish a Webgl and Windows build of the demo, for everyone to try, next week at the same time we pre-release the asset on the Opsive store


Just a quick question, would it be possible to have requirements to wear certain items?
For example: 50 strength to wear x, 25 intelligence to wear Y or a combination of the two etc.
Thanks for answers...
For when the release on the AssetStore is planned?
And will it be compatible with UCC as soon as it is published? And PUN?
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The Ultimate Inventory System has been released on the Opsive Store. It is now available on this page:

For any discussions please post in the new Ultimate Inventory System forum. I'll lock this thread for now and unlock it when we have new features to show after the Asset Store release.


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We released Version 1.01 yesterday and it contains quite a few bug fixes. But we still have a lot of improvements and features planned coming soon.

For example in Version 1.02, which we plan to release some time next week, we will be adding breakable crates that drop items in the UCC/UIS integration.

This feature was requested by one of our community members @Ando5000 . If you want a feature to be implemented in UIS we'll listen and if we believe it will benefit a good amount of you, we'll implement it as soon as we can.


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Drag & Drop is a very requested feature and it will be available in version 1.1

There is still a lot of work to do but here is sneak peak of drag & drop with grid sorting options!


I surely hope these new UIS features are fairly portable. I was going to implement my own drag and drop functionality, but if this is some free-floating script I can attach adjacent to the existing grid scripts, that would be awesome. On the other hand, it would suck to start over back to the example to include the features. I think I recall you mentioning the drag and drop scripts may be independent of the non-drag and drop variant, so I'm a little worried about how well this can be implemented in an existing project with UIS in place.


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I'm very excited to show some of the progress on the drag & drop feature planned for v1.1

We are building a very flexible system that allows you to customize exactly how items are passed around between different panels. The item boxes can be notified on drag hover to preview what will happen if dropped.

As the gif below shows we can preview exchanges, or even preview that you may not add a weapon in the chest slot.

Note there are still a lot of bugs and we have a ton more features planned for v1.1 so this update will take some time to get released.
V1.1 will focus on UI, improving the existing system and adding a lot of requested UI features. If you have any features you would really like for the UI, please let us know.

Stay tuned as we will show even more features in the coming weeks :)