The item cannot be stopped of module ReapeatCombo(2) error message?


I keep getting a console error 'The item cannot be stopped of module ReapeatCombo(2) ? Not sure what this means or if it could effect animation any ideas at all?
I think somethings up with the combo settings. I don't use combos at this point can this be turned off? Tried turning off and the player drifts from the camera?
That message means that the item use is trying to be stopped but it can't be because of the RepeatCombo module. You can disable combos by changing the combo trigger modules to just simple,
Thanks, Just changed to simple and now new message 'The item cannot be stopped because of Module Simple'. I think it may be the values are set up wrong, as no other module seems to be showing any error. Any chance you can show an example of what the Trigger action Module values should be?
Thanks I started a fresh new set up still had the same message. The message only comes on if you do a debug though so it may have never been noticed.
Hi Silver100, If you are ticking the Option to debug, you will have different debug options.
If you select the option to log all the enable modules then you will log everything

So it's completely normal to receive the log you are getting if you have that selected to "All Enabled" or "All".

If that's not the case let us know