Teleported upstairs when a floor with non-uniform colliders is near the character's above.


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Unity Version: 2021.3.18
Ultimate Character Controller Version: 3.0.8
When a mesh collider is close to the top of the character, the character will easily teleport upwards.
I attach a video to help you understand. In the main demo's Locomotion menu, I duplicated Terrain1 and adjusted its height to be similar to Atlas's height.
For the first video this is expected in that scenario. The terrain 1 doesn't have any collision normals beneath it so there isn't anything to stop the character from moving into it. The character moves on top of the mesh because of the grounded check. To fix you just need to add a collision mesh facing the other way.

For the second video the character shouldn't be moving through the tunnel. I will look into it.
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