Target Orbit Initial Setup


Am I crazy, or does the Target Orbit ability not work out of the box as described in the documentation? Like it's set up in a very default way in the Demo scene, and most of what you see uses Aim Assist. I don't need aim assist for a Target Orbit feature. But when I see the ability go Active, despite there being a target transform, nothing happens. The behavior of the camera and player movements do not change.

I feel like I'm missing a step.

Please advise! Thanks!


Staff member
The TargetOrbit ability is set up by default to only adjust the player's position when there's no Y input (take a look at the top of TargetOrbit.ApplyPosition), such as in the case of the Aim Assist ability. You can also test this by using the Aim ability then strafe left/right, which will cause the orbiting to apply.

You could create a custom TargetOrbit ability which simply overrides ApplyPosition, ignoring the input check. One thing to be aware of here is that the player could end up getting "stuck" orbiting around its target, so make sure you're manually enabling/disabling the TargetOrbit ability when needed.


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Yeah, the Target Orbit feature is more meant to be used for a deathcam rather than used for a lock on system.