Switching 2 items whilst always remaining equipped



Hope you can help, (think I put this on wrong forum initially)

I'm trying to create a way to have 'always equipped' with a weapon i.e. sword switch rifle. I'm using the old input system

Just to alternate between the 2 items using just one button to alternate between those 2 states and never enter unequip.

However I'm struggling to get rid of a 3rd unequipped state.

I have only 2 default load outs so would assume just 2 states but unequip is still happening.

Under item abilities I have my set up as :

use enabled
Equip Unequip enabled
Equip next enabled
toggle set to off (experimented with on too and default on/off) doesn't make a difference.

Basically at the moment I'm attempting with one button set up created from using;

The string 'Equip Next item' input value; from project settings input Manager as joystick button 3 (Xbox Y button) But this is not working still have the unequipped state as you scroll through clicking.

Any idea the best way for this set up or able to screen shot a set up that would allow this if possible?


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By default the EquipUnequip ability will always unequip the next item. To get around this you can assign the weapon that you always want to be equipped to a new slot and have a second set of EquipUnequip abilities. In the demo scene the grenade uses this method. You can throw the grenade at any time regardless of what weapons are equipped.
I did try this earlier but it seemed to merge with the same load out set if that makes sense. I think I may be just struggling getting to grips with item slots and item sets. The other idea I had was creating a seperate script as toggle switch x2 items assigning equip next and an equip previous item, to lock the sword and rifle in a loop, I would somehow need to work a way to code that. Default settings are nice simple and flexible I will keep experimemting. Thanks
Thanks Ill take a look at this. I have managed to get a work around so at least is equipped on opening scene, the main thing is the player being equipped on the opening scene as it drops from a helicopter and not having to cycle too much or easily enter unequip state. I have Set rifle as 1st load out item, sword second and switched off toggle off. So now its immediate rifle to sword then unequip.