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I am trying to understand how the StartStopAbility works for a UCC AI agent. In the tutorial video it mentions that an AI agent is able to use any UCC ability, so I trying to work out how to do this exactly for some of the more complex abilities. For example if an agent is pursuing the player how can I make the agent start to swim when it is in water instead of continuing to run? Do I need to create a seperate script to handle this or is there a more straight forward way? Similarly if the player decides to climb up to get away from the agent, how can I allow the agent to climb after the player using the same ability?


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In both of those cases you should have the corresponding abilities start type set to automatic so it'll start when there is an object nearby that allows for that type of interaction. This would not be within the behavior tree at all.

Beyond that you can use the parallel task to run multiple branches at once which would allow you to check to run the start stop ability based on other conditions.