Source Control Breaks the controller


New member
Trying to work with the character controller since last week. When we add some new changes in the repo, the demo folder loses the reference and we need to re-import the library again. We have also tried to take out the demo folder and start from 0, but now we are facing a problem with collision. Basically, the character never collides with the terrain and goes beneath it.


For the references, can you list the steps to reproduce from a fresh project? Also, what version of Unity are you using? We manage all of our assets using a git repository and haven't come across this issue. I also would have expected to hear about it before now since I know that a lot of people are keeping revisions through a repository. It almost sounds like some type of a Unity issue but if you list the steps to reproduce I'll be able to verify.

For the character, where is their capsule collider? Is it collision or animation related? For collisions you'll want to take a look at the Character Layer Manager and ensure that the layer your terrain is on is within the Solid Objects layer: If it's animation related you'll want to ensure all of the animator controller states have an animation.