Skill Bar


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Thanks again! I have the fireball shooting from the hotbar in the demo scene but I can't seem to get any animation working when it launches. There are two missing scripts on the Fireball prefab after I integrated updates, could that be it?



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Those scripts are first person perspective scripts which you do not have access to because you are using TPC and not UCC. Feel free to remove those missing component as they shouldn't affect anything related to your project.

As for playing animations you'll need to edit the Animator Controller of your character. In the demo the spell is equipped on slot index 2 which does not have animations in the default character animator controller.

We don't have any animations that can use the magic items at any time so you'll need to adjust the animator controller to respond to changes within slot index 2. You can inspire yourself by looking at how animations are set up for other item slots


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I got animations working, you guys are the best! I really appreciate all the work it took to make this happen