Shell Eject Direction?


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I was curious if there's a way to change the direction that weapon shells eject in?

I've tried rotating the transform of the Shell Eject Point Game Object but this doesn't make any difference. I tested my shell on the Assault rifle in the Demo scene and it works as expected and fires out in the right direction so is it a problem with my actual item?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Sure is!

Apologies, I use the Third Person Controller, but the idea should be the same. The direction of the ejected shell should follow the direction of whatever you have set as the Shell Eject GameObject on the weapon.

Shell Trajectory Object

If you look at the demo character, you should see something like:

Nolan -> rig -> {buncha bones} -> Right Hand -> Items -> {some weapon name} -> Shell Eject Point

... but it sounds like y'already figured that out.

If it's not ejecting anywhere and that's correct, then you likely have the following issues:

The prefab's teeny tiny and you can;t see it. I know that sounds dumb but it's happened to me before. Scale it WAY up to test.
The shell isn;t setup correctly, didja make it using Opsive ObjectManager?
Maybe the "shell velocity" on your shootable weapon's too low?

What happens when it shoots? Does the shell hang there and do nothing? Eject the wrong direction?
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Thanks for getting back to me!

I'm using the third person controller as well. The shell is ejecting fine and I can see it, the trajectory object seems to be working fine too as it's landing and reacting as it should. The main issue is the actual direction it is firing. I want it to fire out to the weapons right, but it's currently only firing to the left. I'll post some screenshots so you can see what I mean.

In the second screenshot you can see that the transform has been flipped but it's still firing in the left direction.



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In the item's ShootableWeapon component, open up the "Shell" section and adjust the "Shell Velocity" min + max values to have the shell eject in the direction you want:


For example, the demo assault rifle uses the above values for its shell velocity, which causes its shells to eject to the right, but if I set the X values to be negative then the shells will eject to the left.