[REQUEST] RPG Builder Integration


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RPG Builder is a new and trending asset that has great potential and a very active developer. The dev is working on integrating character controllers this month for his next update and many people, including me, suggested an Opsive UCC integration. He already completed his integration with MMO RPG Camera & Controller and is also in touch with the developer of Game Kit Controller.

I think you should consider getting in touch with him. An officially supported integration of Opsive UCC and RPG Builder would add great value to both assets. His discord channel address is: https://discord.com/invite/fYzpuYwPwJ


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If you can have the RPG Builder developer get in contact with me at support@opsive.com I can work through it with him. At the moment I am not able to add any new integrations with my current workload but I can definitely give the developer an overview on how he'd integrate it.


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Just wanted to add that this would be amazing. I have the FPS but would jump on the UCC for this. I know plenty of folks would love to use both of these so please consider integrating!!