Replacing jump animation is too complicated?


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I'm having a hard time replacing the included jump animations with my own. I was able to replace every other animation but, replacing the jump seems too overcomplicated. Either that or i'm just not seeing it here.

There are so many jump blend trees and different animations and parts just for jump. I just want to replace the jump animation with my own, but how do I go about doing this when there are so many different pieces for jump? I don't understand how to swap it out. Am I looking in the wrong place on the animator controller?

Just clicking on the jump state from the base layer brings me deep into an overcomplicated web of more states, substates and transitions. It's kinda overwhelming.
Any tips, tricks and easy workflows to just put in my own jump animation?


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There are a lot of jump animations to handle the various conditions. All of those animations may not be required depending on the style that you are going for so feel free to simplify the state machine for your own game :)


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If I just want to replace the default jump, where in animator controller in the jump states should I be looking?
I can't seem to find it.


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Debug the animator controller , and have the auto live link enabled on to animator tab, then you see wich states it goes into, just change those animations wich is used when you jump.