Purchased an Add-on and 117 errors appeared


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Hey guys,

first I'd like to thank you again for this asset. It has saved me days of work. That being said, I could use some help with the melee controller add-on.

I decided recently to add a melee weapon to my game. When I tried to do this, the item creator gave me the "melee controller required" error. I figured this was because I didn't have the melee add-on (I only had UFPS). I purchased and downloaded the asset. While I was importing, it told me to make a back up and delete the opsive UCC folder (which I did). I then attempted to add the melee weapon again. Several other errors appeared so I ditched that build and opened my back-up. I should have made another back-up before doing this.

All I did was re-import the first person melee asset into my back-up save and suddenly 117 brand new errors appeared (preventing me from running my game or using UFPS all-together).

I am now going to make an additional back-up and attempt to surgically remove everything associated with the new asset (hopefully that will put things back to normal).

If not, i'm kinda out of options.

So there's 2 questions.

1. How do I solve these errors?

2. How do I successfully add the melee add-on to my project?

Here's a photo of the error log:



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It looks like you are using two different versions of the controller variants. Make sure UFPS is updated to the most recent version before importing melee.