PunCharacter error CS0535


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Hello, when installing Pun Multiplayer Add-on this message appears:

error: Assets \ Opsive \ UltimateCharacterController \ Add-Ons \ Multiplayer \ PhotonPUN \ Scripts \ Character \ PunCharacter.cs (26,60): error CS0535: 'PunCharacter' does not implement interface member 'INetworkCharacter.SetPositionAndRotation (Vector3, Quaternion, bool, bool ) '
Could you help me to fix it?
Because I have the latest versions of UCC and photon pun 2 And it doesn't work ...



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That indicates that you aren't running the latest version of the character controller. Make sure it says version 2.2.8 on the editor window.


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Thank you very much Justin for taking a gap in your schedule. I am going to install from the beginning since I use many integrations and surely this is the problem. greetings VooDeLaDoo (Mike)


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Justin you were right,
I have been able to fix it by clearing the cache, updating to unity 2020.2 and reinstalling everything and now it is working perfectly.
Thanks for the help and for your time.