PUN Multiplayer Holster issue

Hi everyone, I am unsure if I should have posted this thread here, or in the UCC section.
My problem is an easy to explain one -
In a multiplayer game, weapons with holsters appear visible on non-local-players who do not have that weapon.
In my screenshot, the game has just started and no one has picked up a weapon yet. But you can see that only the local players are not displaying holstered weapons.

P.S. NolanPun works fine when I use him in my game instead of my players. You only see guns on the backs of the nolan characters if they actually have them. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong and I have been looking around for a while now so any help would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks guys, from Ben.


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Cheers Justin.

Turns out I was able to replicate it with NolanPun.
I noticed that only the assault rifle has a holster for Nolan, and he starts with the rifle by default.
Everyone in the game server can see each other equipping/holstering/dropping/ their weapons so that works fine.
But I thought I wonder if I try to give his shotgun a holster position as well, so I did that I copied the holster and called it "Holster Shotgun" and attached the shotgun there.
None of my characters start with a shotgun, but it displays on their holsters if they aren't the local player and even though they don't yet have that gun.
(I dragged the holster to their heads so it wasn't in the same place as the rifle and made it easier for me to test)
I think this new picture might better show whats going on, the character that has the shotgun is always the other players characters, not the character that can be controlled.

Thanks again for all the help!


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I think I have created some sort of workaround, but it is messy.
What I have done, is added all the weapons that I want to be holster-able to my characters default loadout.
When a character joins, he spawns in a place that will instantly kill him.
I have the On Remove Event doing the Inventory.RemoveAllItems, and in the characters loadout itself I have unchecked "Load default on spawn"

This resulted in everything working correctly other than you loose the body item as well, so I just put an invisible item pickup for the body at the first real spawn point.

I hope there is a nicer way to do this hahaha but its ok, it's pretty much working for now.


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Glad you got everything working. I added the shotgun to a holster within the pun scene and the shotgun never appeared within that holster so something funky is going on. I'll get this fixed for the next update which should be within a week or so.


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I took a closer look at it and I don't know what I was doing wrong. I went back to look at this and setup everything again and it worked without making any changes. I did rework the holster a bit in the next update so maybe that has something to do with it. Go ahead and give it a try after this next update is released.

Oh, so are you saying you were able to reproduce the same problem as me? :p
I kinda worked around it as I said but its a bit messy hahaha.
I was also going to ask you how I can upgrade from the third person ultimate controller to the full edition?
You have been a real great help and I look forward to the update!

ok so the price auto-updates on the asset store, duh :)
for some reason I thought I had to get it from the opsive website
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