PUN Multiplayer add-on cannot sync moving character

Hi, I'm working with Multiplayer add-on and it works well on the character that I already placed on the scene.
However, when a player join the room with an instantiated character, I got a problem.
- If the instantiated character is walking/running at the beginning, the animation is freeze. Then, if the instantiated character is stopped/idle, the animations become normal.
- There is no problem when the instantiated character is idle at the beginning
Hi, this is behavior I have never come across in my experience, but I have had some issue before with fall being active upon spawn (likely not related), the fix was simple but I can't for the life of me remember what I did although I can say I did not need to modify code.

Anyway, you have stated that you have a character in the scene. There should not be any characters in the scene from the start for multiplayer.
@FastSkillTeam thank you for your reply.
I add characters in the scene first just for testing.
Today, I learned that there is some wrong with the synchronization of the Moving parameter. If I toggle the Moving parameter in the animator window, the freezer network character can work normally. So sad that I'm unable to set the parameter in the code, I think there is something overriding it.
I'm so stuck with this one.
If I enable "Moving" parameter as default, the network character works fine. But the local character plays walking animation when the scene started.
Once again, Have you tried it without having any characters in the scene from the start? Does it happen in the demo scene? You did not answer my question, so I find it hard to help.
@FastSkillTeam thank you for your reply.
Basically, my game only spawns network players when they come close. The network characters are spawned runtime only. I just put some characters on the scene for testing the animation.

The demo works fine because all spawned characters are idle at the beginning. But in my game, some characters may be running when it spawned, that is the problem.
I have tried to replicate this in the demo scene, I do not get the same issue.
Steps taken
1) join a match
2) join the match with another instance
3) hold run on first instance while second instance is loading
Results are as expected, character is seen running when second instance loads.
I have done on join tests many many times while working on my own asset also for all sorts of joining scenarios, and never have the issue you describe.
I just put some characters on the scene for testing the animation.
Are they deleted from the scene when building and testing?
I spawned human players only.
If you say so, I think my project has the problem, not your plugin.
My project is far different from the demo, it's hard to test the differences. I use nakama instead of PUN, several components are also different.