Problem with Seek tasks agent movement.

Get position task get's the object which has the trigger collider and saves the position to a vector3 variable. This position is Target 2.

Seek Target 1 task is working correctly. It moves the agent smoothly but Seek Target 2 task does not. Agent moves a little bit and then pauses for a fraction of a second and then moves again a little bit towards the Target 2, pauses and so on until it reaches the Target 2.

I've tried to use a object variable as a target on the Seek Target 2 task but it has the same movement problem.

I changed the order of the Seek tasks but it didn't change anything.

Is there something wrong with my behavior tree setup or is this a bug?
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This might be Unity navmesh problem. I moved the Target 2 object a little bit and Seek Target 2 task started working smoothly.
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