Problem with basic controller continuing to fire


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Hey I asked this question on the discord and was given a response but im not quite sure exactly how to interpret it. if anyne can help me out that would be amazing.

"Perhaps this question was answered but i could not find it , I would like to do the most basic setup for a test. In the creating a first person character tutorial it showed how to make a really basic character. But i would like to shoot with that character. the problem is that when i do the setup the character will just Loop the Fire animation repeatedly. Is there something simple im missing?"

and i showed this image.


the response that was given from Coburn64 was
"you need the fire animation event to trigger a end event look at Nolan's and look at the firing animation events "

Which was a bit confusing to me when i looked at the assault rifle in nolans animator.

The issue i am seeing is that it stays on Fire and when i debug the animator it stays at slot0itemstateindex 2 and does it twice.
this happens when i left click to fire... so it means that the fire is being activated but just looping forever.
unknown (1).png

I feel ive misunderstood the response. Can anyone please help me with this problem?

Thank you very much


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Thanks for the help! after reading through that a few times i realized i was asking the wrong question and looking in the wrong area! I thought Fire had the assault rifle animation on it already but it is empty! so i added a transition from Fire to an actual animation and BOOM it worked!

Thanks a trazillion!