Problem with AI hearing

Hi, I just purchased the Deathmatch AI Kit and followed the instruction to set it up on a character and everything works except the "CanHear" behaviour. I have set the Target tag to "Player", set the tag on the objects that have audiosource on it, but it doesn't work. On the other hand, I added my objects in the Target Objects field of the task and it work, but when I change scenes or quit\reload, it doesn't register the objects and I have to manually set them each time. Can someone explain to me how the external Behaviour works ? Cause it seem like that it doesn't register the gameObjects on the scene.


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See this post:

See this post:

Thank you a lot, just visited the page and found the answer to my problem. Just had the replace the If condition in the MovementUtility script.

For those who have the same problem as I did, just click the link above, follow the instructions and it should work.