Possible Bug


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I had an issue using Behavior Design and I will try to explain (see description and video)

When I transform my GameObject into a prefab, and edit the tree in the prefab all scene references are lost after editing the tree inside the prefab. It happens only the first time I edit it after transforming it in a prefab. If I re-assign the scene references after it is a prefab the scene references is not lost anymore.



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I don't think so Justin, it seems to be a serialization issue, since it happens only when I transform my GameObject into a prefab.


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Based on your video that is what it looks like it is. You are assigning a scene GameObject to a prefab which isn't allowed because prefabs exist at the project level rather than the scene level.


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Sorry Jeff, but you did not understand the issue, I think I was not clear enough. I will try to make a new video later and try to explain better what is the problem.

Anyway, this is not an important issue in my opinion, because it happens only when I create a new prefab from an GameObject that was already on the scene, and it loses its scene references only on the first time I edit the Tree inside the prefab. After I re-assign the scene references I can edit it and it keeps the scene references, so its not a big deal.

PS: my english not very good, so if I sounded rude that was not the intention ;)