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There have been a few threads where somebody is looking for paid help with their project. These threads always get buried so their visibility goes away.

If you have a paid position available related to the Ultimate Character Controller feel free to post the details in this thread.

Edit: We also have a limited number of consulting hours available. Take a look at the bottom of the FAQ for our rates.
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That'd be awesome, I love to see what the price of some help in setting up advanced features of the product might be =)


Hey there,

I'm new to Opsive and how the character controller works!
It would be awesome if I could have 2 - 4 hours over team viewer and discord voice chat to ask questions and tips on how I can properly use this system.
Looking for some help with creating an animator controller for my character to work with the Ultimate Character Controller parameters - I have a character with a bunch of animations. I can create a basic controller for movement but other than that Im lost.

Let me know your rates



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Looking for someone to complete set up opsive TPS with my character model, weapons, pick ups health etc. The full set up. Then send back to me in unity.


Looking for someone to convert a sprite-sheet to a model. Need a fully rigged model that plays nice with UCC. Bonus for first person arms.

The forum-avatar I am using is 1 frame from one of the sprite-sheets for example.

Just the one for a prototype. If quality is good, I have 6 plus another 3 for another game.

Private message me for specific details.


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Looking for someone to guide me through (teamviewer+discord voice) in setting up ultimate opsive with my character and weapons animations.


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Ive noticed that this thread isnt very active but I wanted to throw this out there anyway, if there is anyone on the forums who has created some advanced abilities that extend the agility pack, such as free climbing, wall running, etc, id love to discuss a price to have you help script the abilities and set them up for me. Thanks ?


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Hello Opsive Forum,

I'm looking to hire a programmer to build a multiplayer game with UFPS,
I don't believe this is a very extensive project with using this assest.
I'm familiar with Unity, just not to the point of having everything working seamlessly,
so I'm looking to drop $25/hour on whoever is willing to help me pull my concept together.

I won't go into all the details in this post, but here are the core elements of what you would be working on:
1) Setting up gameplay for a multiplayer arena
2) PUN networking with matchmaking
3) Main Menu UI
4) Ranking & Leaderboard
5) Weapons/Player balancing
6) integrating microtransactions
7) Creating about 5 Small Maps using Unity assets

If interested please email me at

Thank you for your interest!
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I'm trying to be constructive here so no offense GrayFoxz. Its going to cost you $30,000 or more to hire someone to do those things on that list.
Could probably pull it off for 30k finding a guy that doesn't live in the western area of the world.


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Well, like I said, I am familiar with Unity. Most of the work is armor/gun skin swapping or asset importing for someone who has a source for what is pretty close to a standard FPS engine. My biggest issue is UI and networking, which UFPS has plugins for anyways, I just don't have the experience with it yet.

The offer is still open.


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I posted this pretty late, then overnight I can agree with Shadowing that the price for project is way too low.
I had picked up this figure from Fiverr, which $1K was on the higher end of what it would cost to complete this project,
however, like he said, this turned out to be a outsource from a foreign country.

I've changed the pay for the project to $25/hour.

This project could take 40, 80, or 200 hours to complete. My budget is open to see it through from beginning to end.


I'd say 25/hour is right for eastern world pay. Lot of my out source graphics work is done at 25 an hour. 45/hour for western. No way a experience coder can do the things on that list in 200 hours. More like 480 hours.

Might want to wait until Justin finishes porting his death match extension.


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Hi I am looking for someone can add cover system as New ability to Third Person Controller, like :

please contact me if you have intrest .


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This is for OG UFPS. Need option for vp_MuzzleFlash.cs to use a particle system. $50 via PayPal. Reach out or reply here with any questions. To test with, the free War FX asset has particle muzzle flashes. Thank you.