Opsive + Mirror (Networking)

Sorry for the delay, I've expanded my team!

I managed to fix a lot of bugs and made everything stable.
I still have to finish a few elements and it should be good.
Then I will try to test that everything works by removing the tags of the different CharacterController, because as you can imagine I do not have access to all versions...
Hi everyone,
Thanks for your interest 😁

I could not release a project in early access or other because I have to submit my integration to Opsive so that they change some elements internally ...

In addition, not to mention the problems on the Server Authority architecture, I spotted some bugs in their scripts, which concerns the secondary grenade throw that blocks the controller when they have full of presses to send several grenades in a row, or the bow that does not want to shoot or aim when you pass to the first person on their Addon PUN (which is reflected on my integration also).
Have you encountered these bugs?

But I could maybe create a build to perform a test at the same time as I submit it to Opsive!
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@Pesadelo do Espantalho Thanks for the update, I haven't encountered the bugs you mentioned regarding Opsive+PUN usage, my project isn't an FPS (it's top down) and I'm not using grenades (just my own custom mortar gun).

Apologies, I also just wanted to check if it would be possible to be included on the list?

We desperately need to get our Online Multiplayer working ASAP and are struggling with our specific setup and the the current Opsive solution for PUN, so we are willing to pay the intended/eventual Asset Store price or a bit more for thanks/compensation as we really need to make headway on our Online Multiplayer.

Thanks again for your efforts, you're really helping the community a ton.


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@Pesadelo do Espantalho Same here. The process you are describing means several weeks, if not months of delay, and time is very limited on my end. I would be very thankful if I could start integrating your solution, even if not all bugs are squashed yet. I would be happy to pay the full assetstore price for a preview access.
Hi everyone,
I'm sorry for the delay :rolleyes:

I had to set up some things for my project and I had some personal worries.

But the integration is finished but before sending it to Opsive I wanted to test it directly with a dedicated server, but I have to do otherwise so that it is not yet delayed!

I update the Ucc version and send it to Opsive.
Hi everyone,
I rushed a little under pressure 😨

I prefer to take my time, to relieve the work of Opsive...
I have distanced myself this week, but I will try to send the project to Opsive next week or in any case as soon as possible!

On the other hand I will integrate the LocalPlayer authority, in case of Server on a client, to relieve the Host client, as in the PUN addon, if you want to make a non-pvp co-op mode and which would not use Dedicated Server.

Try to be lenient, please.
Hi everyone,
Sorry but the person who takes care of this is on vacation for 2 weeks 😅

This gives me time to implement the host mode and try to fix other things that it will have to change like the noise of the dry fire when the clip is empty on client only instance...
Hi everyone,
I have added Symbols to optimize your needs:

-Dynamic Mode (Not Requirere symbols: Define the mode on NetworkManager directly, there are security in the LocalAuthorityMode commands on the server if setup on ServerAuthorityMode)

-ForceServerAuthorityMode (Server Autoritative: Add symbol for disable in compilation directly the lines of LocalAuthorityMode)

-ForceLocalAuthorityMode (Host: Add symbol for disable in compilation directly the lines of ServerAuthorityMode)
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