Not sure if it's possible to do what I'm trying to do


I'm working on a new ability where the character magically transforms into someone else but I'm not sure if it's possible to do. Ideally I would have a button-activated ability which plays some kind of spell casting animation and then swaps my character's mesh with a different one.

My character models are all the same size, so I wouldn't imagine I would run into too many issues with bones or proportions, but my attempts to do a mesh-swap type thing have so far failed as I'm sure you can guess, since the transforms and colliders and all that other stuff appear to be connected.

Something I haven't tried yet is to have the alternate character already set up as a UCC character, but have him be temporarily disabled until the player uses the ability? Then I might be able to set the new character as "Player," although I have to assume the inventory wouldn't carry over.

I also have the Rucksack asset from DevDog, though I know it's not yet integrated. I'm not sure if it might help me work around the inventory issue somehow, but it feels a little hacky.

I'd be grateful for any tips you might have! Thanks!


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If your character will still use the same rig I would design your character so it can swap the extra materials/meshes without having to change the base character model/rig. This will be the easiest and from the character controller side of things it doesn't even have to know that the model was swapped.

The next step would be to completely swap the character, though you'll then have to have a second character that is setup and create the logic to do the swap.