Movement Add-ons and Final-IK


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I searched all around and dind't found any information so, before I buy.

Do the movement add-ons that implies object detection and IK position (ladders, hanging etc) work out of the box with Final-IK?

Final-IK plays an important role on my custom gameplay setup animations so...

I found some problems that I had to fix outside in the basic UCC + Final IK integration, so I wonder if is integrated and how well.
If the integration doesn't work very very easy, I'll probably be better off creating the abilities I need.

PS: My main needs are adding some good ladder climbing, and probably most of the Agility pack abilities are welcomed.


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The add-ons use the same integration as the base controller so that aspect won't change. Only a couple of the abilities actually use IK though - hang and free climb. The rest are all animation based.


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Well, in lack of proper documentation and "cheap" price I bought all the packs to check them.

By now I integrated most abilities.

Looks like most of the time what I have to do is to disable the Final-IK (well, usually the LookAt general problems on the UCC-Final IK integration) for proper integration (so hands stay on the ground when crawling, etc), not that much problem.

I still have to check the Hang one, but for the most part, beyond that extra step, they're fairly easy to integrate.