just updated from version2-->2.2. got these two Compiler errors:


1. Assets\Behavior Designer\Integrations\UltimateCharacterController\Demo\DemoAgent.cs(31,44): error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'int' to 'Opsive.Shared.Inventory.IItemIdentifier'

2. Assets\Behavior Designer\Integrations\UltimateCharacterController\Demo\DemoAgent.cs(31,47): error CS1503: Argument 2: cannot convert from 'Opsive.Shared.Inventory.IItemIdentifier' to 'int'

anybody knows about this ? what should i do ?


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Ran into the same thing after updating the FPC and Behavior Designer and adding the UCC integration for BD. What was the specific solution? :)


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Thanks for the quick response, Andrew!

The issue is with the demoagent script for the UCC integration for Behavior Designer. I've got the latest versions of First Person Controller (2.2.3) and Behavior Designer (1.6.5) and simply imported the integration package, which I downloaded immediately beforehand.

There's nothing I found in the update guide that helps me understand why I'm getting these error messages or how to fix them. And I'm not clear from SirRingo's remark which behavior needed to be updated or how, though it was the exact same issue.

My short term solution is to nuke the demo folder since I can live without it, but I'd obviously prefer a more elegant fix.
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hey Craig - sorry to hear you got the same problem - (Andrew - you are the man).

so the first problem was just: I didnt upgrade the Behavior designer. - that was it

but then I found out I have a bigger problem - I opened another question:

BUT IN SHORT: "it's wierd - the trees of my enemies are not working as they used to before the update
exmaple - this patrol guy used to see target and go on shooting, now he shoots once -> stops. than the timing is wrong - and it feels like something changed with how he chooses to switch tasks. "

these is how I upgraded:

that's what i did:
import opsive update --> open the package file.
(non relevant - updated photon pun, opsive pun add on)
DELETED Behavior Designer folder from the progect (that's what it said in the release notes - right?)
--> DELETED Behavior movment add on and integration folders.
--->Import BehaviorDesigner update
--> downloaded and imported all behavior designer integrations (opsive, tutorial)
--> import behavior designer movment
hit play

What do you mean nuke the DEMO folder - did you delete it ? you assume the broken beavior is in the demo scene and not in other parts of the package ?


by the way i tried to update the hole thing twice - and currently discarded it all and took a step back from the upgrade. would love to hear the different ways to deal with this.
rebuilding all of my trees again would be an option... a time consuming one, but.... I am not sure what's going on with the tasks really


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Hm, I had already deleted and reimported First Person Controller and Behavior Designer. I got the error as soon as I added the UCC integration package for Behavior Designer. At first I thought the integration might be out of date, but the variables look correct in the demoagent script according to the update guide.

In the end, I just deleted demoagent.cs from the Behavior Designer\Integrations\UltimateCharacterController\Demo folder so I could keep working. I'm sure a decently competent programmer could have figured out the problem by looking at the code, but it's opaque to me. :)

When you run your tree, you're not getting any console errors, SirRingo?


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For this error you'll want to make sure you are running the latest Behavior Designer / Ultimate Character Controller integration package.


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I finally figured it out. FPC apparently didn't update correctly for some reason, so I was still on 2.2.2. I reimported 2.2.3, verified the version in the Main Manager, and then reimported the integration with no further issues. Sorry, false alarm. :p


this is resolved - kind of - I guess the issue had to do something with tasks from one of the integrations pack - I am not sure.
but building the tree again had no issues