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Jono World. I'm at the start of my Unity adventure...

Hey all. I started using Unity 2 weeks ago and I am loving it. I actually write music for film and TV and currently studying an MFA in Video game music. It was actually my MFA that led me to Unity because when I started learning about FMOD I now have started learning Unity so I can understand how game developers create games and ultimately be able to write better music and create better sound design for them.

However, I started to dig a little deeper and basically realised what I've been missing out on all my life. It's so incredibly creative trying to build a game. Trying to create anything in Unity in fact. And I have a lot to learn, and will probably irritate everyone with my noob questions either here on the Unity forums but I've already learned so much from buying the UCC (and Agility and Swim pack) and reading posts here.

Anyway, here's the start of my first game, that I've nicknamed JonoWorld until I get further into it...