Is it bad practice to control other AI from BD Tree?

Max Nielsen

New member
If I have 2 AI with the same BD Tree, is it bad practice to to for example rotate the target returned from my "Can See Object" node? Since that target is also controlled by BD.

i.e "should" I only control the character the BD is attached to?

I have a scenario where I want the target to rotate towards me, so wondering what is best practice for those scenarios.


Staff member
Similar to programming there are many ways to accomplish the same task. Personally I would not control another behavior tree agent from a different behavior tree, but if it works for your design then definitely keep with that design until you hit a limitation.

Max Nielsen

New member
Thanks, me scenario is quite simple. If an agent sees another agent I want them to wave and walk towards each other.
So in order for the "receiving" agent to also wave and move I need to control it a bit as well.


Related to this question... if I have a group of autonomous agents, 4 of them following a leader, but otherwise acting independently, where would you recommend putting the "Leader Follow" task, since it requires you to assign the follower game objects? Only in the leader? But what it, while following, they have to decide to do something else besides follow?

Max Nielsen

New member
I solved it by adding a "Object can see me" task, that only returns true if the object I can see also sees me. That way I know they both have a target and will both be able to use things like "Look at" and "move towards" :)